We would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach this goal.  There are so many people who have helped us along the way.  Mike Bird has labored next to me in more ways than I can write.  Jim and Julie Lee have suffered through all of our constant questioning about cruising and have been the catalyst for this whole fiasco.
Sue, Ryan, Shaun, Matt, Colleen and all of the Hopkins gang ( you know who are ) have been invaluable throughout the whole planning and passage making with emotional support and last minute detail cleanup as well as the most comprehensive CD collection anyone could ask for.
Chip for helping with some of the very last minute details like mounting the LIFE RAFT just hours before leaving!
Mike and Lisa Decav, Wayne and Donna for supporting and helping in passage preparations. And a special thank you to Mike for sharing the passage with me and enduring all the little disasters.






Sue Hopkins, forever a source of cheer












Mike Bird, always willing to lend a hand and lift a beer!










Chip, critical last minute helping hand










Mike Decav, enjoying the very few moments when the wind was not on our nose.






Other thanks.
All of our friends and family for support and going away gifts.
Westminster Auto Parts for having just the right parts for the engine rebuild
DMA Upholstery for awesome cushion recovering