St. Martin






Well, here we are in St. Martin.  We have been here now for 20 days and it seems so easy to stay!  The island is the only island in the world that is ruled by two countries: France and Netherlands.  And, we've found the availability and prices of boat parts, food, wine, etc. to be better than we've experienced so far in the Caribbean.  Roxanne particularly loves the restaurants on the French side (I have to agree with that).  It's hard to think about cooking onboard when a short dingy ride can take us to the French side and within reach of the best culinary delights this side of France itself!  So, the money we save ends up in the hands of someone else...whatever.  I guess well have to curb our spending soon.

At times it seems like we've been in one place so long that I fear the anchor is going to become one with the bottom, but we just can't seem to bring ourselves to break loose from the draw of St. Martin even thought the winds and seas have been perfect for the simple trip to St Bart...Oh well.  

We have been having a great time meeting up with people we've met at previous islands as well as the many new people here.  One boat Jamie in particular has children nearly the same age as Drew and Riley and of course we've been hanging out with them nearly everyday and the days just seem to slip by with trips to the beach, the Yacht Club pool, dinners, cocktails, and a whole lot of fun.







A view of Marigot bay St. Martin











Jamie and Skyler of Jamie Playing with Drew and Riley.  This picture had to be cropped since the beach was on the French side!









The whole ”gang of kids” have been horseback riding on the beach, making sand castles, and generally running around as kids do.  Unfortunately, the ranch hands only spoke French and didn't understand that the kids could handle the horses themselves, so they were led around.  







Roxanne's Mom came to visit and here we are in a little Bistro waiting for our Crepes and at lunch? Well, as they say "when in France....."








As you can see, Roxanne is a beautiful as ever with her tan and her bleaching hair.  For me, I can't seem to get any moretan than this...and my hair...well Roxanne buzzed it.  I haven't had hair this short....ever!






Word spreads fast when a boat finds other boats with children about the same age. While I was adding this page to the site, a dingy pulls up with David and his daughter Abby and the next thing you know three dinghies are floating behind the boat, five kids are down below playing like mad, parents are all in the cockpit, gear is discussed, stories shared, plans are made for the next island, and the sun has long since set.  

It is not exactly paradise...just yesterday I was looking to see if I had enough cash to get pastries when I spotted a wet ten in with a few ones (my money is always wet from the dingy rides to the store) and noticed that it looked like the ink bled a bit.  After looking a closer look, there was no watermark, no security stripe, no hologram, no red and blue fibers, and with a eye loop (sorry Mike it must have slipped into my tool box by mistake) I could see that it was printed with a bubble jet!  I guess the value of having a counterfeit bill as a conversation piece is close to the ten bucks I lost.







The top one is the fake






St. Martin has been a great place to meet cruisers going up and down island.  Here is a dingy raftup potluck kind of party.  The only problem is that it's hard to mingle with people on the other side of the raftup.  Still it was a great time