St. John and St. Thomas


Well, we have been here in the USVI for some time and have actually become very familiar with the little village of Cruz Bay.   Since the USVI has more cruisers than charter boats, we have met some great people here like Wes and Jack of Fantasy.  Wes, Jack, and I have tried twice to get some lobster but there are only babies.  So a Jerk chicken BBQ was in order.  

The reef diving has been wonderful if not a little scary at times since we were free diving at night with the reef consisting of large overhangs and deep is easy to get far under a rock before you know it!

St. John is a very desolate island compared to any of the BVIs since most if the island is a national park.  There are no beach bars to pull money out of the cruising kitty, and we have had some very relaxing least until Odette showed up to bring us some large swells and windy conditions.

We are hanging out a little longer than we thought since we are waiting for the wind generator to far the package is subject to island time.

While we wait, our trusty Honda super quiet (yeah right) generator is keeping the batteries topped off.  I was thinking that we are not sharing the anchorage with anyone because of it.  So, I went over to people to see if it bothers them, but all of them didn't even know we were running a generator...I guess it is quiet after all.








We have toured the famous St. Thomas shopping area...I cannot believe that so many jewelry stores could survive right next to each other for blocks on end.  I was hoping to find a marine store, but no luck there.












You could never get away with this in the is a "mobile refreshment" stand (BAR)!   I thought it was quite inventive. Considering the drinking age is 18, and St. Thomas is full of recent H.S. grads.  I think he does well.










This is a great fort, but we were too late to see inside and I don't think it is worth making the trip back.  St Thomas is just a little too commercial for us.



These aree ruins of a windmill used to crush the sugar cane.  This sugar mill was one of best restored we’ve seen so far. The view from this plantation is awesome.