St.Barth, Saba, and Nevis






Wow! We have been busy.  We have met another family with kids close to Drew and Riley's age and we
all seem to hit it off..  John, Po, Jamie, Skyler, and Negin of Jamie have been the best people to hang out
with since John and Po have sailed the area many times.   John and Po, have been a wealth of information
and encouragement as well as knowing just the right sights to see, beaches to swim at, and restaurants to
dine at.  The kids would easily slip into a Polly Pocket or  Playmobile trance anytime they were together.
















Playmobile Central on Panacea.  Most of the time we were on
Jamie since they have a very stable and roomy catamaran...I
beginning think for cruising, a catamaran is probably the best
choice given the space available for get togethers, insensitivity to
rolly anchorages, how fast they are, and how maneuverable they
are with the twin engines!  Roxanne even had a turn at the helm.

























St. Barts must be the prettiest island we have seen
to date. The island is very French, so with that
comes the fantastic bread, pastries, and of course
the restaurants.  The island is also one of the most
affluent therefore every house and building are well
maintained and beautiful.







On the sail over from St. Martin to St.
Barts, we stopped over at Ile Fourche
which we quickly nicknamed "Mars"
from its complete lack of vegetation and
its volcanic red color.  It was a great one
day stop.  The beach had sand the color
of coffee grinds, the kids had a blast
climbing the hills, and I had some time to
scrub the hull and prop after sitting in the
lagoon at St. Martin. I had an audience
of one curious 4 ft. Barracuda the whole
time I was scrubbing the
bottom...needless to say I was a little































Cats seem to be very popular here so I've started a new business
(just kidding)

















The French islands have very different customs when it comes to
restaurants and bars.  This odd addition to a restaurant seems a little
out of place to me.  The funny thing is that this was not the only








After St. Barts we went back to St. Martin for a few days.  We ended up buying Jamie's tender so we could
make higher speed runs to shore.  It is how everyone says "get the biggest, most powerful dinghy you can
afford and stow".






      Off to Saba.

Saba is a small island with little protection so our stop
was short due to an uncomfortable swell.  Again we
were traveling with John and Po of Jamie.
And, again John assumed the role of activities
coordinator and had a taxi waiting to drive us around
before we even checked in.  

The drive around the island was fantastic and scary at
the same time.  I never thought I was afraid of heights
but this tiny road is built into the cliffs with nothing to
stop a falling car but the ocean 1500 ft below.























We did hike a bit on the island, but we were not adventurous enough to reach the top...particularly after lunch
and Merlot.  We did have a great hike DOWN though.







The next day we headed off to St. Kitts, with only 15-20 kt of wind
and 8 ft seas.  It was a great ride.  Any of you who've seen our boat
before the trip probably don't recognize it with all of the STUFF
(toys) on it now.  St. Kitts is in the background.








Our stop in St. Kitts was just an
overnighter in a quiet little cove
with Jamie.  Traveling with them
allows the kids and adults to play.











Here we are in Nevis.  This island resembles
something out of the South Pacific with the palm lined
beaches and tall volcanic peaks.  We plan on staying
here until the seas die down a bit since our next stop is
Antigua 50 mi dead up wind ( our last up wind leg ... I
hope).  One great thing about Nevis is how quiet it is:  
no loud beach bars, the anchorage has few boats in it,
and if our anchor were to drag we would wake up
just a little out to sea and that's all.













After hearing so much of John
and Po.  Here are a few
pictures of them.  Our plans are
going to diverge soon and here
in Nevis they have left for
Antigua while we enjoy a bit
more of the island...We miss
them already! We hope our
plans converge again soon!