Christmas Update









Riley has become quite the driver she is even a natural at driving the Hobie Cats at the Bitter End Yacht Club










Christmas on the boat was simple...note the little tree. But, we did have a fantastic time followed by some exciting sailing around Virgin Gorda.









The Baths on Virgin Gorda are so awesome that pictures and words just can't describe


























After 10 years, the Bitter End Yacht Club is still one of Roxanne's favorite places...This time we stay for FREE!






So much has happened to us of the last few days. I hope I can remember it all.  Some of the good things were meeting up with some friends we met at other islands, having Christmas dinner at the Bitter End, finding and eating conch, teaching the kids how to sail smaller boats, and of course relaxing since the kids have been on vacation from school.  The not so nice things have involved having the dinghy drift away from the boat, swinging at anchor and bumping into another boat.

The anchorage is so crowded here that we are almost on top of each other and boats on moorings are riding up over other mooring balls.  But I think we were the worst offender since we dropped an anchor with a lot of rode in what we thought was a safe enough place, it turns out that a small weather system passed that just mixed up the whole anchorage and of course it was 3:30 AM when I looked out to see us about to bump into another boat Yikes!! Fend off!  Turn on the engine! Pull in some chain! Get the spotlight!  What now! and other such top it off there was no moon!  

A crowded anchorage is also a blessing when you need some help like the time I ran over to the boat to shut the hatches and just looped the dinghy painter over a cleat...DUMB. Of course, the wind and current didn't care if I was in a hurry...You really feel isolated at night, with the family ashore waiting to finish dinner, rain falling, no moon, and no tender tied to the back of the boat!  That darn thing was completely out of sight in the few short minutes it took to shut the hatches and gather up our foulies.  If it wasn't for the VHF and someone actually monitoring channel 16 while at anchor, I would not have been able to recover the errant dinghy.  I still had to jump in and swim to the dinghy

Our stay here has included some really good conch diving, and when you use conch in place of clams in a white wine sauce over pasta.  Don't even think about asking me for a recipe because I never write these things down.  Always inventing, never documenting.

Finally, the kids have been enjoying the Hobie cats at the Bitter End.  Riley is quite the helmsman having no trouble switching between the wheel and tiller (something I even have trouble with), and Drew just loves getting splashed or even better...watching Mom get splashed!