Sopers hole was where we reunited, dried the boat out, and said farewell to our most trusted and awesome crew Mike DeCav.  We pressure washed the fuel tank and refueled NO PROBLEMS since.  All of this followed a day of trying to locate a pressure washer to turns out the marina next to Sopers Hole had a pressure washer that nobody knew about.... after all what's the rush.
After waiting for someone to pickup the bimini and sail cover for repairs, we left for Norman Island (might as well enjoy the wait for repairs )











Norman Island has been the best so far.  Drew discovered a very odd creature that looked like a lobster with a very small head.  The Locals had never seen anything like it before.  It turns out to be a Mantis shrimp.

After biology lessons (see Drew's page) we headed for shore where Riley created the first ever Norman Island Hermit Crab Amusement Park (See Riley's Page for more details).

Happy hour was greeted by singing Germans from a charter boat... of course Roxanne had to clap and cheer them on.  Needless to say we joined them for some good times.

The caves are not to be missed...well only one cave is exciting since the others are just cracks.






























Cooper Island was next and was very relaxing since the beach was beautiful and quiet.










Next was Trelis Bay. Here we met some of the nicest people both cruisers and charterers.  The kids are a great way for the adults to strike up conversations.  It is also amazing how quickly the kids overcome the awkward first moments as you meet people.







Now we are at the most ROLLY yet beautiful Cane Garden Bay.