Back From Antigua














Of course, going back up island gives you a chance to meet up with people met along the way.  Jack and Wes of Fantasy have been waiting on parts for sometime now but actually left the same day we did, just in different directions.  Here we are at the St. Maartin Yacht Club, keeping hydrated.  It was great to have a chance to visit our favorite people and places.




Jack had to give the kids some instruction on the fine points of X-Box.




Bruno and Oliver were our favorite hosts on the French side of the island…oh hell, our favorite hosts period.  They served the best escargot with a mushroom cream sauce and puff pastry.  (the best!)   On our last day there, we paid one more visit to Le France, after the meal, Oliver and Bruno treated, and joined, us with some vanilla rum. 


Leaving St. Maartin.  Here is Fantasy leaving St. Maartin the same day as us.  The next passage was the return trip of the famous Anegada passage (see January update).  This time we waited for just the right combination of wind and seas.  The wind was on our beam, the seas were 6-8 ft and we had a great trip with only one hiccup.  I miscalculated the distance by about 24 mi.  That doesn’t sound like much, but it is the difference of 4 hours in the overall trip.  So, it turns out we had to slow ourselves down to avoid approaching reef lined Virgin Gorda before sunrise.  I don’t think Roxanne will ever let me forget that one.





Virgin Gorda is home to the Bitter End Yacht Club.  This time Roxanne decided to take windsurfing lessons…Looking Good.  My activities have revolved around napping, and snorkeling for lobster and conch.




From the water to plate in 1 hour…need I say more.  This particular species had a delicate and awesome flavor.


It takes a little practice to get all of the meat out of a conch.  But these are the tools used.  A slot has to be pounded in the shell just where the muscle is attached to the shell.  Then the muscle is separated from the shell with a dull knife ( a little trick learned from Capt. Bob).





The next step is to remove everything that doesn’t resemble the rubbery muscle.  The claw is a good place to grip the meat while you work on the rest of it.  Otherwise, you might have to go swimming for it ( another lesson from Bob and one swim later ).